Microsoft & the Digital Workplace – Part 3 – The Power of BI

Part three of the digital workplace series will focus on analytics and how Microsoft Power BI can help you make the most of the information around you.

Why you should care – A trip back in history

Analytics were introduced way back in the 19th century. The first to really analyse business data on a large scale was Henry Ford. He measured the assembly time of each component of the T-Model. It formed the foundation of one of the most successful companies in history and that of many more after that. The constant revaluation of data that was collected allowed Ford to restructure the assembly lines, re-configure it and more importantly stay ahead of the competition by being faster, more cost-effective and agile.

Now with the rise of robots, computers, more processes, the challenge we have now , is that there might be too much data. And we get lost, don’t focus on what is important. Or extract the wrong information, stuff that might not necessarily matter to the core of our business.

Getting the right data  to the right people is the real challenge these days. And sharing it in a way everyone can understand adds to the challenge. Enter Power BI…

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud analytics platform that allows you to easily digest information and share it visually via reports and dashboard. Visuals are easy to understand, fast to digest and you don’t have to be a wizard to make sense of all that information.

I have recently done an intro session to Power BI at SharePoint conference in Erding that was recorded. Rather than bore you with a long post, I will share the video and you can skip to the interesting parts. Unfortunately it is in German, but if you need an English version, let me know, I can easily translate a few captions to add to the video.

[Video] SharePoint Konferenz Erding – Charts sagen mehr als 1000 Worte

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